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Kenvir History Page

 If there is a written history of Kenvir and someone has a copy I would like to post it here. If Kenvir's history is not documented then its about time WE (me and you) create one since we now have lots of resources. I will begin by creating a list of some of the things I would like to know about . Please feel free to add your comments and/or things you would like see added to the list. Once the list is compiled we can set about finding the answers with the help of the many viewers of the Kenvir web page and our good friends who live in Kenvir.

When was Kenvir first settled?
What year did Kenvir get its name and become a part of Ky?
        KENtucky  +  VIRginia = KENVIR

What year did coal mining operations begin at Kenvir?

          From chapter 1 of "Hell In Harlan"  

    The bituminous coal fields in Harlan County are among the riches in the world. Howard N. Eavenson, of the firm of Eavenson, Alford & Hicks, consulting engineers of Pittsburgh, president of the Claver Splint Coal Co., operating in Harlan County, and formerly consulting engineer for the United States Coal & Coke Company, a subsidiary of the United States Steel Corporation, described the rapid development of the Harlan County coal fields to the high quality of the coal produced there. In testimony during  the 1920's before a sub-committee of the U. S. Senate Committee on Manufacturers,  
he said:

     "Harlan County was the last of the large coal fields opened and on  account of the excellence of its product, its growth has been  unusually rapid. The coal is largely used for special purposes where a  low-ash and low-sulphur coal is needed. Much of it is used in
by-product coke ovens and the rapid growth of the field was helped by  the great demand during the war for coal yielding large quantities of bensol and tuluol, as this does, needed for explosives. Even though  coal production in Harlan County did not begin until 1911, it mounted  steadily from 2.5 million tons in 1916 to 15 million tons in 1928, which the total bituminous coal production for the United States in  1916 and 1928 was about 500 million net tons." Although Harlan County  did not begin to produce on a commercial scale until 1911, the coal  fields of adjacent counties in eastern Kentucky and those of
northeastern Tennessee rose to a position of importance during the closing decade of the nineteenth century. Actually, first commercial  production in eastern Kentucky started in Laurel County immediately  after the Civil War. Although this County still contains large areas of  unmined coal, there is little or no coal produced there now.

How large was the original Kenvir and where was it located?
When were the various camps built?
What is the history of the Asbury House?
What is the history of the Methodist Church located behind the Red Store?
What is the history of the Red Store?
What is the history of the Church below the Red Store?
What is the history of the Baptist Church above Club house camp?

    I read somewhere that the Baptist church was built in 1938.
1938 was my first  year in Kenvir and the year  my grandfather Bill Wagers
took me to Sunday school at the Baptist church.... Glenn Robbins
Are there other Churches   not listed above?
When was the Black Mtn stone block school built and first used?
  I believe the stone building was built in 1938 and first used
in the fall of 1939.  The building was gutted by fire in July 1999.
 1939 was the year I attended the second grade in the green school.
I recall my second grade teacher inviting me to remain after school
and write "I will not talk in class"  100 times on the blackboard.
Glenn Robbins
When was the older school behind the stone building built and first used?
When was the North coal conveyor to tipple 30 removed?
When was the paved road above Club house camp first built?
When did the L & N railroad go in and when were the tracks removed?
When was the Doctor's office built? Names of Dr's?
When did the hospital start and stop operation?
The hospital appears in the Joe Ann Reynolds picture of Kenvir which was taken about 1920. Assuming  construction of Kenvir started about 1918 that would suggest that the hospital was one of the original buildings.

-When did the hospital start------stop operations?   I can tell you when it stopped.  Our oldest daughter was the last baby born there,  and I think I was the last patient.  She was born March 21, 1954.  I was  in there only two days.  The hospital closed for good.
 Later,  Barbara Castle Emmett
When were the different boarding houses built?
When was the Club house built?

When was the CCC road constructed?

         The CCC road was constructed  by the Civilian Conservation Corps  about 1936-37.

Who can provide personal information on Kenvir's "Medal Of Honor" Winner?

        See  "Carl H. Dodd" on mainpage.
 Who can provide a personal history for James Bryant who was killed in Korea in late 1950?
Were there any other Kenvir casualties during WW2, Korean or Viet Nam wars?
My first cousin William Luther Gross was killed in Korea, November 1950.  Billy as we called him was born in Kenvir I think in 1929.  He is buried at Pounding Mill.  It was many years after he was killed.  My Grandparents ran the boarding house across from the company store from about 1929 to 1948, A.J. and Cora Gaylor.  I think your idea of a
history is great, but I remember so little.  Bill Gaylor
Bill & Phyllis Gaylor <>
Who can provide details about a commissary raid by Kenvir miners at another town about 1940.
Where can we get info about the theater, commissary store, drug store, restaurant, saloon, etc?
List of the various coal mine accidents?
Would it be appropriate to create a list/page  of the miners killed in the Coal Mines?
List of Union organizing activities and related incidents?
How did Kenvir fair during the depression?
How did 12 Spot get its name?
As far as I know,and what I have been told, 12 spot got its name because there were exactly 12 houses that made up that camp. I think at last count all 12 are still standing. A few mobile homes and new houses have been built in that area in later years.
Chris Jones
  Oct 28, 2002

How did Disney gets its name?
Dizney KY was known as Punkin center way before it was called Dizney. The U.S. post office at Dizney was installed in 1890, and the name Dizney was chose in honor of professor Elijah Frank Dizney, who was the head instructor at the Presbyterian, Black Mountain academy, witch had been built in Evarts. This academy of higher education was the predecessor of Evarts high school.I am sorry but I have no idea where the name Punkin center came from, but I will ask around. I know that it is a very old name, way long before there was any such thing as Peabody coal company.It goes back, I am sure to pioneer days...
.Chris Jones  Oct 28, 2002

Hi All,  Oct 28, 2002
This is Sue Jones coming at you with the answer of Punkin Center. Don't mean to take Chris place when it comes to history.
Punkin Center, where it got it's name.
According to Minnie (Presley) Benge, born 1910. She is a ripe young age of 92, she has lived in Dizney, Ky all her life. She had a Uncle by the name of Ben Wynn(Ben never married). Ben was from Va. He worked in a coal mines(don't know the name of the mine) they were payed in cash with Silver Dollar's. Now Old Ben Wynn would cross the mountain from Va. back into Dizney he would give Minnie his Silver Dollars to keep, Minnie say's she would put them in an old coffee can. When Old Ben got enought Silver Dollar's , he went out and bought his self a Phonograph(what we call today a record player, the old timer's did like there music.) Minnie say's it looked like a small sewing machine. Now old Ben decided he wanted himself a record so he goes and buys a record by Uncle Dave Mackon, this record looked like a little tin can. Well, the name of the record was "Punkin Center" wouldn't you know it. Old Uncle Ben Wynn liked this song so much, so he started calling Dizney, Ky. "Punkin Center" so I guess the name stuck. This is a true story, Minnie still right today lives in Punkin Center. Now you have the story of Punkin Center-Dizney, Ky.
 By the way Minnie really enjoyed telling this story and I really enjoyed hearing it.
Little extra, Old Uncle Ben finally came back to Dizney and opened an small grocery store in what they called (Stretch Neck Hollow.) Old Ben Wynn is buried at Bill's Creek Cem. on Highway 215 above Lower 31 camp. Don't ask me where Stretch Neck Hollow got it's name.
Hope you enjoy this, I told this exacly the way Minnie told it to me.
Sue Jones

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Jan 9, 06 - 7:18 PM
The "Red Heart" in the "Great Heart" logo for Kenvir Coal

Hello friends, Hope the good Lord is blessing you today, He sure is me. To answer Bonnie,s question about the Great Heart logo for the Black Mountain Kenvir Coal I will answer with what I know. In about 1926 or so Peabody coal was in need of a Trade name for their excellent quality coal being mined at Kenvir Ky. Francis S Peabody, the founder of Peabody coal, who lived in Chicago Illinois was a great lover of fine thoroghbred race horses. He purchased a young colt which had been giving the name of Greatheart. This young foal grew into an exceptional fast and fine horse. Greatheart won many, many local awards and trophies around the Chicago area. It was his high jump though that captured the hearts and media of Chicago, when Greatheart was going up to beat the world record high jump for a horse. Greatheart easily accomplished this, and made newspapers everywhere as the new world champion high jumper. Mr. Peabody loved Greatheart, and gave the life of Riley to his fine horse. Francis Peabody died very suddenly during a fox hunting expedition and Greatheart passed to his son Stuyvesant"Jack" Peabody who operated Peabody coal from about 1927 until his death in 1948 or so. Greatheart was retired to the Peabody farm in rural Illinois, where he live out his life in peace and well being, dying at a good old age. He was loved as much by Jack, as his father Francis loved him. It was actually Jack Peabody who decided that he would suggest using the name of his fathers superior horse with its World record, for another superior item of equal inportance and quality, and that was their grade of coal now being mined ta Kenvir Ky, so the rest is history. The Board of directors along with president Jack Peabody voted to name their excellent brand of coal in Kenvir after that world class race horse Greatheart. The red heart that had adorned Greathearts sleek body, would now be used to endorse Peabody coal. Great Heart now was being introduced as Peabodys world renowned superior coal from eastern Ky. The Red Heart and Great Heart name would be used in every kind of advertising for the Kenvir coal from henceforth. The last series of scrip used at the company store would even carry this logo. Today you can find things left over form the earlier days advertising Great Heart coal, such as ash trays, clocks, thermometers, match books, scratch pads, pens and pencils, and the list goes on. These items were mass produced and distributed to Great Heart customers nation wide. The most familiar item used in advertising, was the paper and aluminum foil red Great Heart "Scatter tags" that were scattered in every gon of coal leaving Black Mountain mines bound for areas around the nation. Peabody Coal company to this day claims their Great Heart brand coal from Kenvir Ky to be one the finest grades of coal ever produced in their over 100 years of being in the coal business. Hope this helps shed a little history for your question. Take care friends.....Chris


    Sept 24, 2002

  Kenvir History written in 1988 By Chris Jones of Kenvir.
  Appeared   in   Harlan County Heritage magazine.
     Thanks to Walt Thomas for loan of magazine.

 Early History of Peabody Operation.

  In the year 1918 Peabody coal company of Chicago, Ill  began mining  operations at Kenvir, Ky.
The Kenvir name was taken from the first 3  letters of Kentucky and the first 3 letters of Virginia.
[KENtucky + VIRginia = KENVIR]

  Kenvir is nested in a narrow hollow of Harlan county about three miles  from Evarts, operating under the name of, The Black  Mountain,Corporation. "Peabody began removing coal from a drift mine  which had been given the mine identification of # 30. The seam  thickness was about 38 inches.  Plans for the town of Kenvir was soon  laid out and a saw mill was built on Britains Creek.  Stands of virgin  lumber for the construction of houses ,a store and the tipple.

  The houses sprang up row after row with the last house exactly like  the first, These houses had four rooms and where somewhat better then  other coal camp houses. The inside rooms were finished with lathe and  plaster and outside were of clapboard siding.

  There was a front and a back porch each having a drop light  as well  as a drop light in each room.
In later years the houses were equipped  with indoor water lines supplying a kitchen sink as well as providing  water to the public buildings. The Boss's house usually had about 6  rooms, indoor bathroom and later a coal furnace providing heat to each  room.

   In 1926 Peabody acquired another drift mine and 31 was its  identification number. The seam thickness was also 38 inches. These mines  were about a mile apart,  with each mine having its own tipple. These  tipples prepared and loaded coal on gondolas which traveled on newly  laid track that the L&N Railroad had extended from Evarts.

  With opening of the mine # 31 ,more houses had to be built and when all  were completed there were seven distinct areas; Namely;  New Camp, Official  hollow, # 1 camp, #2 camp, Colored Camp, Upper and lower 31 (Upper 31 being  above the Tipple and lower31 being below .

There were also six boarding  houses for miners who had no families. These two  story buildings were  all  just alike and had 14 to 16 rooms apiece, as well as a  Bath upstairs  and one down.  The other buildings that made up the town included two  fully stocked commissaries, a gas station, a restaurant, and barber shop.  A  drug store and club house, a 50-foot by 100 ft theatre  building,  a small
police station, a well-staffed hospital  and a confectionary which was  the last building built and today houses the Post Office.

There were  five churches: Black Mountain Baptist, Britains Creek Baptist,  Black  Mountain methodist which is now the Black Mountain Community  Church, and the Church Of God of the Mountain Assembly.

The two schools that served the area were Black Mountain Elementry School with separate classrooms with a large wooded frame building constructed in 1912. In the mid 1930's it was replaced with the present steam heated sandstone block building.  Italian immigrant Rock Masons handcut and
handshaped each rock that makes up the exterier of the two story school that now stands high on the hill above #2 camp.

In time the men who worked for Peabody like other miners throughout the county voted to be
represented by the United mine Workers of America.  Peabody Coal Co, unlike other mining companies gave little opposition to the union and soon local  4493, which is the oldest union in Harlan County, and remains active today.

    An extremely proud occasion for the miners as well as Peabody Coal  Co.  itself was when Admiral Richard E. Byrd on his first expedition to  Little America at the South Pole, ordered five boxcar loads of Peabody's  Great Heart Coal to take with him because of its high heat-producing  efficiency, the coal was  packed into 4,000  white sacks weighing 100  pounds each.  The coal left mines 30 and 31 bound for Boston, Mass  before  its journey to the South Pole. The year was 1939.

  Great heart which was mentioned above was a nickname given the  coal. It was named after a thoroughbred racehorse owned by Mr Peabody  himself. Their logo of the Red Heart soon was known throughout the  country.

   It should be noted that while Peabody's Black Mountain Corporation  was good to its employees such as providing an annual Christmas  celebration, encluding a tree treat to everyone and contributing  donations to local Charities,  times were not always at their best.

   There were explosions and accidents that claimed lives.  The long blast  of the whistle atop the tipple many times announced trouble.  It will  long be remembered the fateful night that the tipple at
# 30 caught  fire  and burned to the ground.  Instead of rebuilding, the coal from  mine 30 was was sent to the tipple at 31, which after the fire had  changed its shifts to around- the- clock.

   The decade of the 1950's brought changes to the area mines.  The Black  Mountain for the first time stopped issuing script as advance pay as  they had done earlier.   They also began selling off the houses one by  one  as little as $200 a piece.

    Their peak employment at one time had been over 840 men, but as the  decade continued many were laid off.  In 1958 operations of the Black  Mountain Corporstion  ceased completely. The large store of equipement  was shipped away and the tipple was almost  completely dismantled..

  A large washer plant had been installed at the tipple only a few years  prior to its closings.  This Washer was left standing and today its rusty  exterior reminds us of what use to be  and it along with a few  remaining buildings help bring on good memeories and stories of  Peabody  Coal Company's operations at Kenvir,Ky.

  Copied for Glenn Robbins By Gertie Eachus

  Ps,  rememeber the red  heart with great heart I sent you,  I have one  too.
It was given by Debras husband-


Jimmy D. Jones Sr.
JONES, Sr., Jimmy D. Age 63 of Huber Heights, passed away Friday, August 11, 2006 at the University Hospital in Cincinnati. He was born May 30, 1943 in Kenvir, KY, the son of the late Cye and Martha (Turner) Jones. He was retired from the Price Brothers Co., a member of the Beaver Valley Lodge #753 F. & A.M., Ormus Grotto, and Ginghamsburg Church. Preceded in death by a sister. He is survived by his wife of 32 years Patricia A. (Hauk) Jones, 3 sons Kirby Flynn and wife Shelley of Moraine, Kenny Flynn and wife Jody of Trotwood, Jimmy Jones Jr. and wife Tiffany of Fairborn, 2 daughters Pam Murphy and husband Greg of Huber Heights, Melissa Nickels and husband Norm of Vandalia, his sister Billie Coker and husband Dee of Cincinnati, 14 grandchildren, a great granddaughter, and numerous other family members and friends. Funeral services will be conducted on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. from the SWART FUNERAL HOME, W. Carrollton. Burial will follow at the Evergreen Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with a Masonic Service at 7:45 p.m. at the funeral home.

My Tribute to Jimmy Jones
We lost one of our own Friday,Jimmy Jones was one of the finest Kenvir people that I ever met,Jimmy never lost his ability to make you laugh,He was Jimmy Jones back when I knew him so well in School and he was still Jimmy Jones when I got reaquainted with him again in the past few years,Jimmy had a heart as big as Texas,He was fair and honest,I know God will enjoy Jimmy,and he is in his arms right now,Jimmy loved the Lord,The last time I talked to Jimmy by phone,he told me how sick he was,but Jimmy never forgot his upbringing and was proud of his roots,I will miss my old Kenvir friend,but I know Jimmy was suffering and now he can run like he used to when he teased me and take my lock off my locker,He apologized so many times these past years over that and I laughed and said Jimmy I forgave you long ago,We was just kids and Forget it,Jimmy you truly will be missed by all,I hope to see you again someday in Heaven,My heart aches and breaks but I will meet you again Dear Friend,God Bless
Bonnie Howard

Subject:   In Memory of Ruby Miller
Name:   Chris Jones
Date Posted:   Mar 1, 2006 - 7:12 AM
Message:   Ruby Overton Miller age 78 of Kenvir passed away Saturday February 25th 2006 at her home in Kenvir. She was a native of Bell County but had lived at Kenvir most of her life. She was a member of the Black Mountain Community(Methodist)Church at Kenvir. She was the wife of the late Jeff Miller. she is survived by two children Larry Miller and wife Patti of Harlan, and Ronnie Miller and wife Gail of Ages Ky. Also two sisters and a brother and two grandchildren. Funeral services were yesterday at the Evarts funeral home with the Rev. Jim Clem and the Rev. Jim Carpenter officiating. Burial followed at Resthaven cemetery at Keith Ky. Friends and family served as pallbears. Another fine Black Mountain old timer gone home....Chris

Ronald Welborn - husband of Edna Welborn

ronald-welbornRonald Welborn, 63, of East Toledo, passed away Tuesday morning, August 30, 2005, at home surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Toledo to Conrad and Rosemary Wellborn on May 8, 1942. Ron served his country in the US Army. He was employed by Jeep where he worked as an assembler, retiring in 1986. Ron was a family oriented man who put family and church first. He was a member of East Toledo Baptist Church where he loved to volunteer for all their charities.
He is survived by his loving family, wife, Edna; daughters, Sherry (William) Sebring, Rachael (Charles) Leonard, Bonnie (George Gregoire) Campbell, and Diana Watt; sons, Jacob (Sue) Campbell, James (Diane) Welborn, Michael (Joy) Welborn, and Daniel Welborn; 15 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his sister, Laura (Butch) Emerson and brother, Frances (Marilyn) LaSalle.
Friends may visit at Freck Funeral Chapel (419) 693-9304, Friday from 11 a.m. until the time of service at 2 p.m. Interment will follow in Lake Township Cemetery. Memorial contributions are appreciated to East Toledo Baptist Church.

Doug and Bonnie  - IP:

Aug 18, 04 - 12:14 AM Myrtle Perkins Deceased/Another Old Soldier gone

I Knew this lady for years and was friends with Brenda ,Her Daughter,This Lady was a fine Person,She made the Peanut Butter Rolls to sell at that little Booth next to Brock's Restaurant in Evarts,where Jessie Hall sold things there too, and did alot of Volunteer work for the Methodist Church next to Evarts High School,Nancy,You remember we was discussing her awhile back,My condolences to her Family,God Bless

Myrtle Perkins
August 16, 2004
Myrtle Perkins
Myrtle Perkins, 94, Evarts, died Aug. 16, 2004, at the Harlan Nursing Home.
A native of Gatliff, she lived in Evarts most of her life. She was a former storekeeper and a former custodian for the Evarts Methodist Church. She was a member of the Evarts Church of God.
She is preceded in death by her husband, Hollie Perkins; a mother, Linda Hightower Johns; her father, Barshal Johns; a son, Estil Brim; and a sister, Mamie Barnes.
Survivors include two children: Brenda Gilbert and husband, Dan, Louisville; and Kenneth Perkins and wife, Shirley, Evarts; six grandchildren: Danny Wayne Gilbert, Donna Gilbert Lucas, Kim Gilbert Standfield, Melissa Gilbert Reigel, Kenny Perkins and Rachel Perkins Middleton; and 15 great-grandchildren.
Visitation is today and Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m. at Evarts Funeral Home.
Funeral services will be Thursday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Evarts Church of God with the Rev. Frank Howard officiating.
Burial will follow in the Evarts Memorial Gardens.
Family and friends will serve as pallbearers.
Evarts Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Chris - IP:
Aug 4, 04 - 10:04 AM
 In Memory  of  Chloia Mae Gutherie
Cloia Mae Gutherie, age 84 of upper #31 camp, Kenvir, died August 2, 2004 at her home after a long illness. A native of Lafollette TN, she had lived in Kenvir most of her life. A homemaker, she was a member of Brittian Creek Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband Melvin Gutherie and her parents Ed, and Sennie Moore Emmett. A son, Donald Ray Gutherie, a sister Pauline Emmett Fultz, and a brother Jesse Eugene Emmett. She is survived by two children, Harold Dean Gutherie of Johnson Valley California, and Regina Cole Howard of Evarts. 10 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren. Visitation at the church today after 5:00 PM, and funeral Friday, 2:00 PM, Brittian Creek Baptist Church. Burial at Evarts Memorial Gardens.

We lost another Kenvirite 

Posted by: Jimmy Jones - 5/27/2004 (16:29) -
Hi Kenvirites, I was reading the Dayton Ohio newspaper this morning and saw that we lost another one from Kenvir. Christine Cridlin Pressley age 80 passed away. Wed May 26 2004. She was married to Silas pressley , a mine forman at Kenvir before he passed away in 1995.  I remember Christine worked in the company store in Kenvir, When i was a young boy. I think she worked in the commissaary. I think she was always at the reunion. She was always friendly with a great smile.
 Jimmy Jones

Karen Pate Saylor

Posted by: Chris - 4/1/2004 (9:47) -
Karen Pate Saylor, 36, of Dizney went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday March 30, 2004. A homemaker she was amember of the Kenvir Mountain Assembly Church of God,where her husband is Pastor. She had held the office of Church treasurer,Sunday school teacher and was vise president of the Ladies Willing Workers. She was preceded in death by her mother Wanda Pate. She is survived by her husband Rev. Marty Saylor of Dizney,two sons; Jeremiah and Patrick Saylor of Dizney. her father James Phillip Pate of East brook. Two brothers, Dewayne and wife Helen of Pineville KY, and Jamie Pate and wife Valerie of Berea Ky. Two sisters Carolyn Knipper and husband Darrell,and Sharon Pate all of Berea Ky. Her mother in law, Georgia Whitehead Saylor of Number 1 camp ,Kenvir. Also several nieces and nephews and relatives and friends. Visitation wil be today and Friday at the Kenvir Mountain Assembly Church of God at Kenvir. Funeral services will be at the Church on Saturday,at 2:00 PM,with the Rev. Lonnie Lyke, the Rev. Jack Carmical, and Rev. John Luttrell officiating. Family and friends and brothers of the Kenvir Church of God will serve as pallbearers.

Note: Karen had suffered with Cancer,but I know she is sufering no more. I went to school and graduated Evarts high School with her,and she was a good Christian girl even then. Pray for Brother Marty Saylor and his boys, as she was a great help in his ministry at the Kenvir Church of God. Their church has been doing quite well with he as Pastor,and the Lord blessing them...Chris

          Pauline"Pollye" Douglas Wilson

Posted by: Chris - 3/18/2004 (9:54) -
Pauline"Pollye" Douglas Wilson, age 84 of Loyall Ky,was called home on March 17, 2004 at the Baptist Hospital in Knoxville TN. She was the daughter of the late Rev. Roscoe Douglas and Ethel D. Douglas, and the wife of the late Herman Ray Wilson,all formerly of Kenvir. A native of Harlan County, she was a faithful member of Calvary Baptist church in Loyall, where she had served as Sunday School teacher, and the Eliza Broadus Womens Misssionary Circle. SHe was also a member of the Loyall Homemakers Club, and the Body recall excercise class. She was a former school teacher having taught at Black Mountain, Putney, Highbank, and Rosspoint elementary schools. Survivors include her daughter Susan Evans and husband Allen of TN,  two grandsons, Jonathan Evans, Nashville, and Joshua Evans of Knoxville. Two sisters,  Sue Rosen of Garden City MI, and June Martin, of Ann Arbor MI. Two sisters in law, Pearl Rick of Brookesville Fla, and Ruth Wilson of Tecumseh MI. Several nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews, neigbors and friends. Visitation today, from 6-8 PM, Harlan Funeral Home. Funeral services will be Friday at noon,at the Calvary Baptist Church,  with Rev.  John D Lambert, and Paul E. White officiating. Burial will follow at the Resthaven Cemetery.

Note: Pollye as well as Preacher Douglas and his wife were long time members at one time at the Black Mnt. Baptist Church, Kenvir, where Rev. Douglas was pastor.

Obituary--Helen Diamond

Posted by: Chris - 2/12/2004 (10:01) -
Helen Bazel Diamond, age 81, of Kenvir, died Feb.10,2004 in Hamilton Ohio. A lifelong resident of Kenvir,she had recently moved to Ohio to be near her children. She was preceded in death by her husband, Eddie B. Diamond; her parents Jesse and Mary Bazel; and one daughter, Mryna Loy Richardson. Survivors include eight children; Edna Mae Hall and her husband Squire,Milwaukee Wisc.,Arthur Ramsey and his wife Lois, Detroit MI, Shelia Whithorn of Milwaukee Wisc.,Scottie Diamond of Kenvir,Jacqueline Shackleford,Fairfield OH, Doris Diamond, Milwaukee Wisc.,Deborah Driskell and her husband Pastor Dwight Driskell, Fairfield OH, and Eddie B. Diamond Jr., of Knoxville TN. One sister Irene Willis of Toledo OH, and a brother Virgil Bazel of Lackey KY. and a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Visitation will be Saturday at 11:00 Am,at Gods Church of Miracles in Cincinnati. Funeral services will follow at noon at the church with Pastor Steven White officiating. Burial will be in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Cincinnatti Ohio.

Eddie and Helen were very much loved by all the people of Kenvir. He was a long time Peabody Miner at 30,and Helen was a Coal miners daughter,as her father Mr. Bazel was an old Kenvir #30 miner as well. He, and now she will be sadly missed. It was Eddie B., who related many Kenvir stories to me about the mines, and the store at 30. He was a pallbear at my fathers funeral,and he and Mrs. Diamond attended mine and Carla's wedding. Mother and I were invited to his and Helens 50th wedding anniversary at their church,we went and it was one of the most heart touching services I have been in. As you can tell I really loved Eddie and Helen,and my father did too. Eddie was in our home on many occasions,especially when dad was sick,I do so look forward to seeing them again on that shore of peace and love with our blessed Savior.....Chris Jones

Kenvir Obituary

Posted by: Chris - 2/6/2004 (10:46) -
Jeweldine Burris McMillian, age 73, Lexington died January 27,2004 at her home. A native of Kenvir Kentucky,she was ahomemaker and a member of the Mount Zion Baptist Church at Kenvir.
She is preceded in death by her husband Willie James McMillian,her parents George and Bessie Burris,four children, Addie Banks,James"Paul" McMillian,Walter"Poppie"McMillian and Kennedy McMillian,and two grandaughters: Shameka McMillian, and Georgeanna McMillian. Survivors include two daughters Linda McMilian and friend John Ray of Lexington and Doris McMillian and friend Michael Myers of Pathfork. A son Henry McMillian of Milwalkee Wisc. Two daughter in laws Jane McMillian,and Diane McMillian. 20 grandchildren,40 great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews. Visitation today fron 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at teh Harlan funeral home. Funeral services will be Saturday at 1:00 Pm at the funeral home. Burial will follow at Evarts memorial gardens.


 Kenvir widow and friend from the Black community

Posted by: Chris Jones - 1/2/2004 (12:46) -

Mrs. Nora Carrie White,77 of Kenvir died December 29,2003 at the Harlan Appalachain memorial hospital after a short illness. She was ahomemaker,and a lifelong and faithful memebr of the Mount Zion Baptist church at Kenvir. She was preceded in death by her husband Wallace White Sr.,her parents George and Sadie Ledford,and five children:Wallace White JR.,Ernest White,Elbert WHite,Danny WHite,and MAry Ellan White. Survivors include six children: Naydine White and husband Tommy,Linda Carr and husband Ralph all of Kenvir,Jacquline Mitchell and husband James of Chicago,William White and wife Antonia of Boston, Idella Moore and companion Bill Lewis of South Carolina, Opal Sears and husband Jon of Cinncinatti. One sister Birdie. 33 grandchildren,44 gret grandchildren, and 2 great great granchildren. Funeral services today at the First Baptist Church in Harlan,with Rev. Darrell Washington and elder Donald Renfro officiating. Burial will be in the Evarts MEmorial Gardens. Pallbearers include Ralph Carr Jr., Anthony Carr, Jonathan Carr, Tommy C White Jr., Larry D Chapman Sr., Floyd N Gregory,and Lenny Carr. .......Everyone please pray for Nadine and Linda and all their family. As you may know Nadine has been sick herself,and they are loved by all of Kenvir...Chris

Posted by: Chris Jones - 12/10/2003 (13:11) - Shelby Madden

Shelby Madden age 64,of Dizney died Dec. 9, 2003 at the Harlan appalachain Regional Hospital after a long illness. He was retired Coal miner,having worked for Peabody Coal Company at Kenvir.He was member of the United Mine Workers of America. He was member of the Locust Grove Misionary Baptist church at Dizney where he had served as adult mens Sunday school teacher,and deacon for many years. He was preceded in death by his father and mother the late George Madden and Eileen Hensley Madden. He is srvived by his wife Edith Jones Madden of Dizney, and two sons Bruce Madden, and John P Madden, and three dughters, Connie Ledford, Gwen Ledford,and Amber Madden. Also surviving are four brothers, Winston Madden, and James"Jabo" Madden of Kenvir, Junior Madden of Louisville, and Lee Otis Madden of Glsgow. One sister Thelma Jean Madden of Mount Washington. 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Visitation tonight and THursday at Locust Grove Baptist Church. Funeral services Friday at 2:00 Pm,at the church with Bro. Gerald Jones officiating. Burial will follow in the Jones family cemetery, at Dizney.

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In Loving Memory
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Last of the Bookkeepers.
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Following is a collection of bits and pieces collected from the internet;

Doug & Bonnie Howard

Aug 9, 04 - 6:14 PM Yellow Camp- The Answer-  By Doug Howard

Yellow camp was called Yellow camp because the Houses was all painted Yellow, It was located where Grant Howard had his Garage, at Redbud, on left side going to Evarts where Burly Middleton had a restaurant there for awhile, Wood's Tipple was across the creek on the left, and thats the Answer,  Thank you to all that responded,...Doug Howard

Posted by: Bonnie H  - 8/9/2003 (1:18) -
In 1945 on a rainy October Friday, I was born in a little 3 room house on the very top of Evarts Hill,  Old Doc Stepchuck had to walk all the way to the top and he fussed about it, I weighed 6 lbs 7 ounces and was a puny baby, The house had just been built and Mom and Dad was the first to live there, Dad liked to lay across the bed and read Comic Books when he wasn't working, and listen to the radio,  I was a puny baby,  had Jaundice and Daddy went and bought a Nanny Goat because he thought Goat's milk would help me,  well the men that built the house had left a can of Cresoe and the Nanny Goat drank it and died,  thats one reason Daddy always called me Bad Luck Bonnie, LOL,  But after awhile they found out I had a heart condition, but I stayed a puny sickly child until I became a teenager then I started loving food, to look at me now you would never believe it, My great granmother and father lived down halfway of the Hill, their son Lee Eads and his wife Lydia lived with them,  and my uncles and aunts all lived close by and all of Dads folks lived in Kenvir, most all the african americans lived around the hill from us, they had a school and a church up there, my grandmother would take me to their church, they all loved her and called her Sister Gertie, But then we moved to new camp down from Red Bud, and then #1 camp, my Aunt Ann Parker and her husband Theodore lived there with their family,  Mom got sick and had TB so Dad moved us back to Evarts so My grandma could help Mom, then we moved on down the hill close to my great grandparents,  Grandpa Eads had a fatal heart attack and died and a few yrs,  later Grandma got sick and died when I was 6 yrs. old,  I cried so hard I loved her so much,  then a few yrs. later we moved to the Bottom of the hill and across the railroad tracks,  thats where I saw the little black girl hit by a train and her little leg and shoe and sock still on lay on the tracks, but she lived, but oh what a fear I had of the trains after that,  The bottom is no longer there they took it out to build the road in the late 50's,  Sally Fields that was married to Irvin Dotson,  their house is still there,  their youngest daughter Freda lives there,  they were all my good friends especially Linda Dotson, we walked to school together every day, There was a family that lived on the other side right behind Snuff Street by the name of Farmer, they had a bunch of kids, the boys would come every day with buckets to get water from a old pump up the road from us, Mom's brother Floyd Hamby who was married to Vina Cloud[the daughter of Frank Cloud]and their 2 children, Lydia and Johnny Hamby lived right next door and we was raised like sisters and brothers, Mom's Mother Gertie Eads, my Grandmother, lived with them too, so we were very close but I loved to visit my first cousins in Kenvir too, I would hate to go back home to Evarts and leave them, I had a wonderful childhood, the Mountains was our play ground, we would go on picnics up in the mountains, and sleigh ride from the top of the mountain to the bottom and have a big bonfire burning to get warm, Life was so innocent and fun, we never had alot of toys and things but we made up games to play, and just enjoyed been together, we was all cousins and we would fight awhile but loved each other and take up for one another if someone else tried to hurt us, we would say we were like the three muskateers, one for all and all for one, Hope I didn't bore anyone but felt compelled to write this, God Bless

From: "Donna Lee" <>
 To: <glennrobbins>
  Subject: Black Mt.
 Date: Mon,  5 Aug 2002 18:41:55 -0500

My mamma grew up on Black Mt. Her birth certificate lists her place of birth as BLackey,  KY.
Her father was,  of course,  a miner,  and her mother ran a boarding house. Their names were Bill
and Myrtle Dunagan (also spelled Dunigan,  depending on whose birth certificate you're looking
at) Mamma was born in 1921 and had a wealth of stories about the area and time she grew up in, 
I would very much like to piece some of these stories and pictures together a bit more. Your site
has already helped immensely.
Donna Lee

Dizney Church of God Cemetery
           Dizney,  Harlan County,  Kentucky

   In 1792,  when Kentucky became a state,   most of this region (southeast Ky) was part of
 Lincoln  County which had been formed in 1780 from  Kentucky County,  Virginia. In 1800,
 most of it  became Knox County. Just seven years later,    in 1807,  Clay County was formed
from parts  of Knox,  Floyd and Madison Counties.
1941 Hicks,  Ed (Edd) - Black Mountain Corporation No. 30   
Born in Marion,  Co. Tn on Oct. 6,  1895.
Moved to Harlan,  Ky. to work in the Mines He was killed on Feb. 21,   1941...
He was in good standing at the time of his death as a Master Mason,
( Yocum Lodge No. 897 F. & A.M. ) in Evarts,  Ky. He joined in 1929 ....

News Paper Clipping:

Funeral services were conduct Saturday at 2;00 p.m. for W.E. Hicks,  45 miner,  who was killed in a accident in Mine 30 of Black Mountain corporation,  Kenvir,  Friday morning.
The Rev. Roscoe Douglass officiated at services in the Kenvir,   Baptist church,  of which Mr. Hicks was a member. The body was sent to Chattanooga,  TN. for burial.

Mr. Hicks ,  was killed when a trip of mine cars he was riding  collided with a string of cars on the main entry.  He had been a resident of Harlan Co. for 21 years. He was a world
war veteran,  member of American Legion Post,  54. Harlan.,  and a Member
of the Masonic Lodge of Evarts  Survivors include his wife,  Mrs. Minnie Hicks; parents,  Mr. and Mrs.  John Hicks,  Chattanooga. two sons,  Ray and Ronnie Hicks,  Kenvir. Four
brothers George and Ira Hicks,  Kenvir. Don and Joe Hicks,  Tenn. two
sisters,  Dolly and Birdie Hicks,  TN.
Thank you,  Teresa Hicks

The Barbourville Mountain Advocate 5-25-1928
Dust Ignites in mines At Black Mountain Company;  Rescuers Overcome

 Kenvir,  Kentucky May 23,  1928

 Seven Miners of the Black Mountain Coal Company,  at Kenvir,  Harlan County are dead as a result of
  an explosion Which rocked mine #30 there about 6:30 o clock Tuesday night. Six men were killed
  outright and the seventh gave his life in an attempt to rescue his companions in the gas filled  chamber.
The dead are:
Asher Hall age 47
Clay Quintrell age 35
Lewis Fogerty age 32
John Edwards  age 37
B.M. Haggard age 35
Elmore Leach age 22
and Frank Romine age 30
is still missing and fear  is expressed that he may have perished with the others.
    The men were working in mine #30 when a   shot in the slate is thought to have caused an explosion
of dust. An investigation is under way to
determine the cause of the tragedy,  one of the worst that has occurred in the southeastern Kentucky  coal fields. Immediately after the explosion fellow workers rushed to the scene and attempted to bring out the men. Chow entered the gas filled Chamber and attempted to rescue the six men but
was overcome with gas and died in his attempt. Seven members of the rescue squad from the
 King-Harlan Coal Company rushed to the rescue and were overcome by fumes they were in turn
 rescued by others and carried to safety. They were unconscious when found but all are expected to
 recover. They attempted the rescue work for four hours before being overcome. Fifteen rescue
 workers from the Fordson Coal Company at Wallins came to the scene with gas masks and aided in
 the rescue work. All men with the exception of Romine,  reported missing were taken to safety. Most
 f the men were married and their deaths leaves seventeen orphans. Romine has a wife and three
 children. None of the men were mangled in the explosion,  all having perished from the fumes
 penetrating the mine after the explosion. The bodies were recovered Wednesday and workers from
 all parts of the Harlan field were on hand to render assistance. Mine rescue squads were summoned
 from Lexington and Norton,  it was reported immediately after the explosion.

    In 1818,  the Kentucky Legislature passed an act creating Harlan County out of a portion of Knox
  County. It was named for Major Silas Harlan. In August of 1782,  Harlan was among the 60 men
  killed by the Indians at the battle of Blue Lick.

633       4/3/25            CRIME

897      12/4/25            CRIME


Peabody Coal Company

Black Mountain Corporation Mine

  Peabody Coal Company

  Bailey's Creek Coal Company

                      Darby Coal Company

                      Evarts Coal Company

                    Fairview Coal Company

                   Game Cock Coal Company

                 Harlan-Kellioka Coal Company

                  Harlan Clover Coal Company

                    Harlan Co-operative Coal

                 Harlan Kellioka Coal Company

                  Harlan Liberty Coal Company

                Harlan Wallins Coal Company,  Inc.


                Harlan Wallins Coal Corporation, 

                    Peabody Coal Company

                   River Ridge Collieries,  Inc.

                 Sugar Camp Mining Company

                 Sugar Camp Mining Company

                 Superior Harlan Coal Company

                   Turner Fuel Company,  Inc.

                Yocum Creek Coal Company,  Inc.