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Kenvir   Kentucky
2 Sept. 2013

The Black Mountain I will always remember.
tucky + VIRginia = KENVIR

  Kenvir or "Black Mountain",  is located in Harlan County  in Southeastern Ky.

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Kenvir Name List
  This is the page for posting your  contact  information for Kenvir friends and family.

Kenvir People Profiles

Kenvir History Page

Previous Kenvir Kitchen Recipes - Copied from old Recipe board

 Kenvir Reunion  2007  

Kenvir Reunion 2006 

Kenvir Reunion 2005

Walt Thomas  Pictures -02 - Page 2
Walt Thomas  Pictures -03 - Page 3

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Harlan County, USA  - Full Documentary  1 hr 44 min video

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County Coal Production- 1998 - added 10-2-2000 

Evarts Pictures - Nancy Middleton's pictures, Nov 22, 2002

Harlan County Kentucky Links

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The Kentucky Explorer Magazine

Jimmy Jones
 May 30, 1943 to  Aug 11, 2006  


Glenn Robbins


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Kenvir Map - Click to see Kenvir map


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